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Beth Cornell

Surprise, AZ


Born in western Pennsylvania, Beth Cornell was influenced by the local flavors of folk art available there. She was painting jackets and doing business as an "artist" from age 12. As happens sometimes, the grown ups in her life encouraged her to learn a trade, printing was the trade that Beth learned. She became a press operator, utilizing her skills with color, at the peak of her career she worked for the Department of Defense, Army in Germany. It was at the moment in time that life shifted suddenly, she became pregnant with her daughter and could not tolerate the chemicals present in the printing trade. At the same time, she learned of her return to the US due to military PCS.

Beth’s life took many wild turns with the birth of a daughter, the loss of a profession and an intercontinental move that would land her family in the Great Flood of 1993 (St Louis, MO)... she slowly began to make peace with change. Picking up a paint brush for the first time since her stint as jacket painter, she began to express using bold colors and abstract themes. These early paintings were signed BoseC, a name given to her by a girlfriend joking about her bossy nature. Beth would sign her creations BoseC for the next 9 years. Many of those paintings were given as gifts, several were sold, only a few remain and even fewer are available for sale.

Meditation is Beth’s daily practice, themes from her meditation journeys and from visions that she constantly receives had a birth place in the paintings. The paintings became a way to express the inner conflicts and contradictions of life as it is...and to accept it all. The painting allows expression of the immeasurable joy and sorrow that can be found in experiencing life as a human being.

In 2004 Beth began to sign her work with her birth name... slowly building a local following by exhibiting with local businesses, galleries and the First Fridays art walk, Beth’s work gained local recognition.

In 2008, Beth traveled to Los Angeles for the Raw Arts Festival, a festival of self-taught intuitive art that has international acclaim, received local recognition for "Green Ship of Safety" from a jury at the West Valley Museum, and an interview with Fine Art Registry. As par for the course of life, Beth’s personal life was taking a dramatic downturn just as her art career was blossoming. Her husband of 25 years had a severe motorcycle accident in Agust of 2008 and his subsequent recovery along with the economic downturn lead Beth away from her art for two years.

Emerging in 2011 with renewed passion, knowledge born of experience, and an inextinguishable drive, Beth has rejoined the world of art as a Board Member for El Mirage Arts Group, a Member Artist of West Valley Arts Council, and finally merging her work with energies and color into an alternative and complimentary health and wellness practice Arizona Energy Wellness. She is also showing and selling again. Look for Beth’s art all over the US over the next few years...

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